Traineeship Application : Software Engineering PHP, ABAP, SAP FIORI, Java, C# (.NET) and more!

Traineeship Application : Software Engineering PHP, ABAP, SAP FIORI, Java, C# (.NET) and more!

Job description

Have you always been interested in the newest in IT and the techniques that build up the newest applications and make sure the User Experience is optimized? Are you curious, eager and searching for those newest developments in the Cloud? Do you want to speak “IT” and want to learn what all those fancy abbreviations and words really mean (like UI, DataLake, Fiory, Hybris, php, CSS3, React, Django, jQuery, Ruby, Scrum, Agile, Git, Mendix) and sound like a real IT-guy?


Discover the world of Software Engineering and learn in 12 months a specialized course by understanding and applying concepts in innovative mobile, web-based and desktop (application) solutions at a professional (abstract) level.

Looking for a new challenge, currently no job, just graduated or orientating?

Meet us and find out how our client tailors her traineeship together with you. Combine our specialism with your enthusiasm.


Job profile

In 32 years, our client has developed a mere concept and with all expertise (content, network and experience) into a traineeship.

The curriculum is modular and you learn concrete skills and develop a complete plan also based on personal guidance.

The first phase of our traineeship consists of understanding fundamental concepts, professional interpretation, structures, connections, layering and patterns at a highly conceptual and abstract level.

The second phase consists of differentiation which takes place in application areas such as an SAP Environment (SAP FIORI and ABAP), Microsoft environment (.NET), an open-source environment (Java), a web environment (PHP) or in specialization, for example front-end or (hybrid) mobile development.


Programming is a course that is taught in a structured form by our practice teachers / coaches. In applications you learn to work in open source software development environments and in integrated software development environments (IDEs) as well as for instance SAP, Mendix, (Microsoft) Visual Studio, NetBeans, Xamarin Studio, Eclipse. You will learn how to work with design patterns on (multi-, cross- or independent) platforms / frameworks such as .NET, jQuery, Angular (JS), etc. In software development methods such as Agile (Scrum) you learn how to collaborate and deal with version management systems.

Job requirements

  • have an MBO+ or HBO or Academic degree or demonstrable level you will be tested and analyzed on aptitude, so a (focused) prior education is not required;
  • are interested in programming or want to work through this knowledge within the field of Software Engineering;
  • speak Dutch
  • want to work with the latest techniques in the field of Application / Software Development;
  • to discover the various phases of a software (development) process in which roles can be distinguished from analyst, architect, designer, developer, designer, tester, consultant;
  • like to keep up with technological trends and is willing to invest continuously in knowledge;
  • are willing to invest in yourself and your career;
  • excellent analytical and conceptual thinking ability;
  • communicative skills and initiative;
  • motivated to invest in themselves;
  • interest in a career in ICT;
  • a broad understanding of business processes, a helicopter view;
  • has a permanent learning attitude;
  • flexible and willing to travel;
  • are fully employable and prepared for mobility
  • have good communication and social skills;
  • are willing to unconditionally represent our values and norms;
  • make a difference with an inquisitive, intrinsically motivated attitude.


We offer:

  • a qualitative, heavy vocational training by (practical) subject teachers and thus the possibility to learn a subject;
  • guaranteed a job (job guarantee) and work experience as a junior Software Engineer;
  • the ideal working conditions (environment / climate, etc.) and conditions (salary, etc.) to maximize your career both professionally and personally;
  • personal guidance from the first moment of contact: including guidance from a working situation, exemption from application obligation (if applicable in a benefit situation), financial and social stability;
  • access to our professional knowledge (content, network and experience) and knowledge database;
  • our resources (internal or external) for your knowledge or expertise;
  • a market starting salary;
  • finally, our corporate culture: get acquainted with our warm character with southern influences.



For more information call 033-2464648 or email

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